Guide For Creating Arched & Feminine Eyebrows

Written by Cindy; Boys Will Be Girls.

Create Eyebrows to die for with makeup without plucking/shaving or changing your own eyebrows!

Ever wondered how drag queens make their eyebrows so high up and so beautifully shaped?

There are a lot of different methods out there, some use glue sticks, some use eyebrow wax and some, like myself, use Spirit Gum! Its basically a safe adhesive you can use on your face and wash it later with warm water and soap.

I wrote this guide to shed light on this wonderful technique, that will literally upgrade your appearance if you have bushy, low down, or overall masculine perceived eyebrows.

It will not make you look draggy unless you want it to, you can either go for naturally feminine eyebrows, or take it to the extreme and make it look really draggy!

Iv’e tried all of the methods above, with good results. But my favorite would have to be Spirit gum, it also proved to be the easiest and quickest method for me. It can last for the whole day, if applied properly!

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What You’ll Need:

  • Spirit Gum
  • Full coverage concealer/foundation in solid cream consistency, like the good old Pansticks, or MAC full Coverage foundation.
  • Medium or full coverage foundation
  • Spatula or some kind of a flat and hard tool.
  • Loose Translucent Powder
  • Powder Puff
  • Powder Brush

Step 1 – Spirit Gum

Apply the Spirit Gum with the brush provided all over your eyebrow. For a more natural effect, use it only on the part you want to cover. I normally leave the inner eyebrow corner without spirit gum.

Take a makeup brush you don’t really care about, flip it, so you are using the edge of the brush and not the hairy edge, and start rolling it over the Spirit Gum you have just applied.

Roll it in an outwards and upwards direction from your eyebrow and face. This will activate the Spirit Gum and it will start becoming sticky, keep rolling the edge of the brush onto it until it pretty much sticks all of your eyebrow hairs you wanted onto your skin.

If there are any eyebrow hairs that are still poking out, repeat this stage again.

Step 2 – Concealer

Grab some concealer with the spatula and gently smear it over the glued eyebrow until no hairs are showing through.

Now take your powder puff, dip the edge of it with some of your translucent powder, and start patting gently over the covered eyebrow while increasing the pressure after every time you pat to make sure you lock that powder into the concealer. You should try to put in quite a bit of pressure in the end.

Then take your powder brush and knock off excess powder that wasn’t absorbed into the concealer.

Step 3 – Foundation

Use your normal foundation all over the face as you would do normally, if you are using a sheer or light coverage foundation normally, i will suggest for this look to get a medium or full coverage foundation, otherwise it wouldn’t look too convincing.

Don’t forget to go over your covered eyebrows as well.

Step 4 – Drawing on your eyebrows

Now the fun begins, take your time and start drawing new eyebrows on, it will be tricky in the beginning but you will get used to it with practice. Just find pictures of your favorite eyebrow shapes and try to copy them on yourself.

Start by using an eyebrow pencil in a soft or medium brown, pencils are not harsh and will allow you to get the overall sketch shape. If you are not happy with the sketch, just use a cotton bud with a tiny bit of makeup remover on it to remove the pencil and apply light coat of foundation and powder if needed a fix.

Once the sketch is done, feel free to add a bit of brown eye shadow or brown liquid eyeliner to intensify the color of your eyebrow and to define it further.


Your’e done! Now get out and show off your new gorgeous eyebrows girl!